Friday, October 24, 2014

Schrödinger's cat i

Like the legend of the phoenix - one of phrases of Daft Punk (not only them).
How deep can we fall and why is falling deep always negative? why do we have this perception about what is positive and what not - falling down (negative - because we can heart us, even die), standing up (positive - because we are now up) - what a bullshit - it is like mind washed - you are down, so you loose, you are hight, so you win.
First of all you cannot reach the bottom - to put it that way if there is a bottom, it is death and when you die you have reached it. If you are a believer in anything there is no bottom, death is just a some kind of rebirth, resurrection, transformation, a continuation and that is all. When you are rejected by everyone you might say I got to the bottom or when your only friends are the people serving you whatever you take at all costs you can say you have reached the bottom - but do you know what - you have not.

I refuse this kind of lebeling. There are so many words that describe a situation and Daft Punk describes it very well:

So like the legend of the Fenix, All ends with beginnings. The most difficult part is to reach that point and start over - means to realize it and to take action.

Life is same as art - you cannot reach the bottom, sometimes you are just not aware how much you suck at it. The good thing is that once you get aware of what you do, you get to the point where is not important what others think about your art or your life. The secret of all success is to reach out to the right people. Unfortunately this does not count for the real stuff as being ill, injured, loooooosing someone and so on. I talk/write about the time when we are WE, GOOD, OURSELVES and with our so pretend problems ;)

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