Monday, October 27, 2014

A puzzle and the hipster pseudo coca-cola take 2

A puzzle is just one piece devise in more than one pieces and once fit together it will show us an image - an answer - a solution - or the end of a crime movie. The bottle of hipster pseudo coca-cola was quite a puzzle. It did look like the original, the brand, the almost first one ;) if you get my point. It smelled different, It tasted funny, but still it looked quite very much as the very known product colored in red and white. So I did what I always do - I compare the what kind of stuff is inside, still the same question  - what is the missing piece of the puzzle?

Once a 2D puzzle is finished you can glue it together and frame it and put it on your wall,
once a crime puzzle is solved you can write a book about it or make a movie,
but once the puzzle between the real and the imitation is (let me say) closed you still have the big question in front of you - even more than one:
1. which one is the real
2. the most important - which do you prefer…

To be clear, on here I do not care about any kind of drinks except the one I love to drink, but a drink is like the life - means - you drink it and it takes it’s effect, or you drink it and try to solve the mystery how it is made and here we go with the puzzle and with the life again. The bottle of hipster pseudo coca-cola was quite interesting and I will continue to use it since I liked it and since it is 3 times cheaper than the pseudo « original » - maybe it is made from the same factory for people like me :)

cheers and this time not quite about art (again).
your wizard of Avignon…

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