Thursday, October 23, 2014

hipster pseudo coca-cola

A bottle of hipster pseudo coca-cola in front of me - do I still think about art? The real question is do I really want to drink this? In blog posts, podcasts, radio shows, tv shows, books (nice to finish with the books), or whatever else we share, publish and so on WE the authors decide what it has to be, with or without influence. No-one is ever objective. No-one!!!!! And Never!!!! Yes we can (pretend) but otherwise everything we say or do or judge is subjective even if we have got to the point to believe that we are objective - sorry to say this but we are not and that is because we are people. We can be professional but it does not mean 100% objective… The most of everything WE publish is about us, our impression, our opinion, our whatever else - or what we have seen, experienced or what we want to…bla bla bla not to continue in endless about the "we" and the "our"… if you got so far to read all way long you probably got my point. So why am I completely different from all the others? It is quite simple - actually I am not at all. The only small little difference is that I am aware of being not the one, important or whatever subject-person here and-or today. But the real and very important question still remains - should I or should I not drink this hipster pseudo coca-cola drink? Hmmm…. Let’s say to be continued!
your wizard of Avignon…

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