Thursday, May 03, 2007

Old school on the road up ways

When you have to fight with an enemy who has a spear of war, practically undestroyed and so hard and so powerful that everyone has heard about it; is the only solution you can do to punch it! Maybe more than one, but one you decide to fight there should not be gong back! No compromises and nothing less than the victory! On my way to become the Artist King, even if there are people thinking that something like an artist king does not exist; I have to fight a lot of fights but hey it is my choice…and this is the look inside of a fight (the work in progress).

And please do me a favor – don’t believe everything “so-called” artist say, ART IS NOT EVERYTHING IN A GALLERY, neither everything made by “so-called” artist and I could kill myself by hitting my head on a gallery wall, so that a little bit later the blood that rest on the wall becomes an artwork or the whole act filmed by an amateur becomes a performance – sorry but I think there is more and the truth is somewhere outside!

The work on his way to become an artwork or just finish - the battle still goes on and I will have my victory! Vini, Vidi, Vici and draw, modelated and painted all I wanted durng my journey...!


MILVUS said...

I am a Warrior Artist, my blade does not cut i hold it, but my thong will take its part, my being will be sharp like thousand swords.
No violence, no blood shreds, but a word/situation will be my domain, to embrace the inevitable.

Prove your dignity if you are a King.... Challenge me, lets do a project AK VS AW, an exhibition.

Dzenan said...

This needs more than just a comment!!!!

andy said...

That sound funny, serious n interesting at the same time.

I like your new blog!

Anonymous said...

old school is always good!!!

Dzenan said...

Of course it is ;)
cheers like my GB friend sayssss