Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hi everyone,

... this is the drawing I am working on it and I would like to ask for your opinion / comment / what do you think I want to tell / say / mention by this work? The work is not finish and “We will see what it will be when it’s finish…” just do not work here. I know exactly what I want to say, but I also would like to know what you / my friends thinks about it and no matter if you like it or not – just be earnest and please tell me a little story – WHAT DO YOU SEE AND WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM DRAWING??? You can comment here or email me on, very long with millions of details or just a short / few sentences letter – I will take my time, I will read all of them and the story I like mostly will become the description of this work and will be published (include your name) on my next exhibition / catalogue and here on my blog – however I finish it and with this drawing I remind you again of a painting I did few days ago, that inspires this story… If you do not want your story to be published or your name, please mention it. Thank you all and don’t forget to give the work (story) a name.


jamie said...

As I know you like a lot of Picasso and Van Gogh, but also Michelangelo and Leonardo, but even if you don’t mention it so often I know you like «Jack Luis David» and your favorite picture from him is the moment when Socrates drink the poison to show the immortality of his words and his brilliant ideas / mind!

So here my little story to your drawing and please if you mention my name (just jamie, no real name...) THANX!

Tech: Pencil
Dimension (I would say) B1
Author: Dzenan Sehic
Name: City at night

Inspired by today’s epic-historical movies Dzenan shows us a moment in his visions how it was in the ancient Greek after Socrates proof of immortality, his ideas lives over him, the Persian were on the door to Greece and between Sparta and Athens were something like peace since sooo long time of war, but after one more proof of Athens biggest philosopher Socrates and his death the Spartans break on trough to Athens and wanted to erase the idea of greatness after death, because Socrates was just a philosopher and the spirit will never rule over the material world is the parole for the Spartan soldier. They fall over Athens in the night and just few weeks later they will have to fight together against the enemy who will erase their culture and turn of the world once more – the Persians! The two black people symbolized Persian spies trying to save the emperor of Athens and his wife only to kidnap them. The wife is afraid o the Spartans that comes very close, but the emperor – the king listen to his gods, because something goes on, much bigger than the little break on trough from the Spartans...

What will he do? Will Dzenan (you my friend) continues the moment and show us how the story goes on, will this drawing become one in a bigger cycles – we will wait and see it!

P.S. I like your drawing… cheers

MILVUS said...

Ok, so, I will be quite psychoanalytical, I will not analyze you but the drawing.

It is a war situation, you have a man a woman, an a second man with the black skin, lots of arms (helps, advices), a man and the woman are uniting with the help of the second man, but he is not honest, he is hiding something, is he going to betray them with his treacheries.
She is listening maybe for some voice of hope coming from far away to save them.
The soldiers are dying the black ones are falling, is the advisor behind the black army?

I would call it “A Game of Chess”.
In general it is very Shakespearean; it reminds of the film “Titus”, that’s a great epic man.

andy said...

Do I agree with jamie and mivus? somekind yes!

The name i give to it is: "Becoming hopeless!"

The period could be mostly be between the ancien greeks to the renesance romans. So I think it is both. The black people are not an army, but slaves of the anciene kings. Some of them make revolt, some of them are still with the king. The kings army is fighting against those who has choose to betray the king and he is listening, but to who?

Will there be a 4th person, and are there really a king and a queen (2 person) or just one, the frighten and strong in the same time?

Anonymous said...

an army
3 people
2 will follow I think!
the time - 2000 B.C.
Somewhere in your region - Balkane (MAcedonia)???

Man his wife and a demon! The 4th Person will be an other demon - the army is fighting for the demons, the fight between good and evil!!!

Who will win?

Who is the artist in the drawing?

I guess we need more details and the finish work to tell the truth and the whole story - DOESN T YOU???

rip said...

Androgyn cimetary