Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is this just a drawing Mr. Sehic?

Seeking help, pleasure-seeking,
Seeking help, self-seeking.
I try to admire, to admit what I desire,
But instead of I traveled to the end of the world,
But you can’t extinguish the fire
That seeks for more! That seeks for higher…

So I draw my lines,
My portraits, my people, my scene
The imitation of life,
The colors that I am seeding
And blue was my first harvest,
And so I became an Artist!

Still on my way, my wa
I “gonnna” love you.
Not a story, just a little bit of truth…

The Artist King he shall be,
The Artist King, he is coming,
The Artist King is on his way,
Is it just a drawing, I “wannna” to say,
Or do I ask?
And her name “the Seeking” should be,
Is it just a drawing, or a piece of me,

Seeking help, pleasure-seeking,
Seeking help, self-seeking.
There are just few words,
I guess not; when I am speaking…
And it is more than just a drawing
Every line is more than a line,
When I am drawing…

Self-awareness or hare-brained
Psycho or greatness instanced…
This drawing is not a scrap of evidence,
My greatest Art-Work is my Self-confidence!

And the color of blue!


jamie said...

Rude, very Rude you ego-maniac
but we love you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jamie :)

andrej said...

dzenan flashes, but anyway. :-)

Dzenan said...

@ jamie & Ace.. you loves me ;)

@ andrej - hat was dein Ignite positivism....

ulli said...

spontanreaktion zu deinem bildn / forgiveness:
ein diament in den augen..
geschliffen und ungeschliffen
das unglück in zwei händen vereint die leben
und in der hand liegt die wahrheit.

Anonymous said...

Wha ego-maniac??
You are a resonable artist, and of course artist should first think of themselfes....

Hey enjoy it you macho!!!
We love your works because you love it!

Dzenan said...

Elisabeth a dit...

Dzenan stop to write anonymous flattering comments ;)

@ Elisabeth - stop beeeing whatever it is, because it is booring - find you somebody and learn how to handle a scalpel than the world will start smile again and if not sorry to say this again but if you really think i comment my blog than FUCK YOU...why should I do this???
Explain yourself???or stop comment my blog..

Dzenan said...

@ anony6mous..I know you are not allllllways the same pearson..but this time thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

oh shit it was a joke ok i definitly stop commenting yr blog

and i found somebody, thank you for caring about that, but i dont see the link with that
and maybe i dont know how to handle a scalpel but i dont see the point again
and fuck your "and the world will start smile again" i'm not a depressive person as you seem to think


Damien Castel said...