Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Right know

This post I devote to the great people in Hollywood, Bollywood, Disney, Warner’s, other Film makers, Photo Artist, Mr. Spielberg and even to Sarajevo Film Festival…the Performance Artist and all Artists around the world and in the whole universe, because if there is life out there, than they will probably do art also!
And I devote this post also to my little, cute girlfriend, than today s here birthday! Happy birthday sweetie – love You…

At the moment I am doing / working on 4 sculptures / masks here in Avignon and hope to finish 2 in few days! The next project will be than a video I already planed long time ago, but hadn’t the time to make it and this is actually funny – but we mostly spend so many days without knowing what we do, but still not doing some stuff we actually wanted always to do! – sound familiar???

This works on this post I did long, long, long time ago and what really funny is I can not even remember why I did this – because they are such full of negative energy – like out world today with one sentence of hope and today, so many years after I can say because I know and because I have survive that whatever happens – once it will passed by / end!

Art stay, artist die, artist live forever if his art reach the free mind of humanity, but the only real immortality and ecstasy an artist will only have if he makes his art independent of what the people say and because he want it like this, still ART IS A SERIOUS WORK, like Brancusi said: Work like a slave, think like a god and live like human – and this is the statement – the receipt of being artist with one little plus – BE YOUR WORK, LOVE IT AND BE IT, than maybe, and only than someone will listen to you!

Dzenan Sehic - 24.februar 2007. godine - 15:46h


man in the iron mask said...

Hej andy - new battle???
We made an appointement..
Okey this time I have read also the last post from Milvus and I think that the both guys are not bad.
I would like to see some performance from Milvus or other artworks of him.
What do you think andy???

andy said...

"Art stay, artist die, artist live forever if his art reach the free mind of humanity.."

hey anoym man behid your mask!!!!

What does this mean..
FIrst Yes I would like to see what Milvus did, also...
Let a commet on his blog???

And I think the artist live only so long as long his artwork survive!

man in the iron mask said...

I already did - You should, too ;)

I think that s wrong! Why?
Sometimes the artwork lives longer - how..
look at the pyramids?? Who dit it???

andy said...

I did 2
Hope he will post some stuff about, because here a statement:

I really like what you do - almost :)the sculptures and the graphics are great...paintings very stragen...

@ mitim (man in the...)
Pyramids are like other works more than art - the whole civilisation is gone and there was not only one artist???

man in the iron mask said...

I don t know...
let me think few days!

andy said...

C U in few days .. to the battle second part!

Dzenan said...

Hey you are completly crazy!