Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Artist King and his Nakama

As known we all have dreams that we lose on our way to the "ALL BLUE" (Heaven, Paradise, The End or however you choose to call the end of the life we use to live right now).

On the way to there we find some Nakama (Japanese word for someone who follow you, a friend or a companion). Even if we where fighting all the time they can still be our friends and people who will tell the story of us once we have rich the "ALL BLUE" and leave the grand line behind us.

And it is funny but sometimes we have to fight to understand that we actually go in the same direction and this is not because it s the only way we can go - it s because we have choose to go that way. And at this point we have made our decision and it s not important when we will reach the ALL BLUE as long as we are trying and not forgetting our dreams and our Nakama.

One day I will become an immortal fighter for art, searching for the truth and the one ideal form to explain the most livable emotion that we have once long time ago split into so many emotions like love, pain, freedom, anger, friendship... agony and ecstasy and it doesn’t matter if I will find this form on my way, because the searching for it will enqueued me beside Michelangelo, Leonardo, Picasso and van Gogh as long as I don t stop trying to find it!

The artist has to move, he will always let some tracks behind him, some Nakama will follow, some will left, some will turn to enemies of him and his art, he will meat interesting people and some will become new Nakamas of him, maybe join him on his journey to the ALL BLUE and the Valhalla of Artist where the other Titans are waiting for him or they will stay and go ahead their way to their ALL BLUE .

And once you are on your way to your dream don t forget your Nakamas, because without them you will probably reach your finish line alone and than celebrate completely alone and finally die, but the real death is when you get forgotten and without any Nakamas telling your story and remembering you and your work why you have go your way? And there is one more thing, if you ever try to become the Artist King or the King of whatever your dream is about don t forget that your Nakamas has their own dreams, too, probably going the same way with their own reasons...

So if I can tell you that little story about the life and beeing an Artist on my own way to my own Valhalla I am happy and corious if I will meet some interesting people with the same dream as I have – The Artist King in ALL BLUE, beside Fidie, Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Ingres, van Gogh, Gogen, Picasso, Pollock and the other Artist Kings that has rules the world before me..


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just have read your post and comment before to your last post. Have you in your last post comments say that the all blue is the ultimate one piece?

I like that you use anime terms to explain what you think and it is very funny to call yourself the king of all artists. This remains me also of one anime that I like :)

andrej said...

yesterday i was called the "king of triage" by two friends that work on the same software project. seems like we're all on our mission to change the world... ethics and business don't necessarily have to collide, indeed!

the interesting fact that i missed in your posting was that even if two persons have exactly the same goal/aim/target, they can conflict that heavily on the way to achieving that goal that it becomes impossible for both of them to reach it.
been there, done that, got the t-shirt. :-/

love from the czech republic,
(been talking way too much french within the last days)

andy said...

@ andrej :
"if two persons have exactly the same goal/aim/target, they can conflict that heavily on the way to achieving that goal that it becomes impossible for both of them to reach it.."

Actually no - in that case brave worriors would fight until one die or until both die - much more important is to try it and never to give up whatever happens (if I understood this post), but that s what I think

U are from czech???

jamie said...

I am askim myself the same like andrej - what if two people have the same dream and the same abillities???

and what is an anime term???

Dzenan said...

@ anony-mous... thanx
Yes I said it, because I think one day when we die we will reach the One Piece and become evrything and so we are searching all our life for our ALL BLUE and our One Piece :)

And yes the Anime is called One Piece
and you can Wikipedia-ed it ;)

@ jamie - anime terms are some names used often by Anime and Manga makers to explain my own goals

@ andrej - you are right but there are much more people out there trying to reach the same goal/aim/target and only one can reach it and become the artist king but like in every kingdoom - the king is not immortal - only his doings become immortal if he was the brave warrior and a good king or the oposite - depand of how unimmortal one pearson wanted to be - and hey my target is to become once the king of the artist and to stay beside all the great kings before me..

@ andy - andrej s not czech - he s just now in Prague and in some points I agree with U2 but also like I already have say it s the great chalange - we use to call it life!

@ milvus - WHERE R U MAN I am missing some comments here :P

THANK YOU GUYS very much (Arigato, Danke, Merci, Hvala...)

magdalene-sophie said...

dz, you've gone all arty..

haha~ king of all artists, eh? ;)

Tomo san ;) said...

Nakama means more 'mate' 'colleague' or 'camarade' (in french) than 'friend'. For ex. if you are in a sport club, the members of the club are not always your friend, but your Nakama. Nakama has the same dream or the same objectif as you, but physically not always close to you, and sometimes Nakama can turn into enemy.
(Japanese doesn't have the plural form of noun - NakamaS doesn't exist.)

jamie said...

So Nakama is like a friend - they can turn into enemies, too.

MILVUS said...


Dzenan said...

Is this your new performance or a statement???
It s pritty dump for an artist or "becoming" artist if he has kill the art in himself - If you have kill your art than what else will you do/find/search for ???

MILVUS said...


jamie said...

Hi everyone
With the experience of my prof. status I can tell you thet every kind of DOING in our life has sometimes the moments we think it is dead!!! but is it?
Art is not Life, or do you mean the life and not one life - because there is a differents - one life we have and we live it during the life of everything what happens...
I do not agree that ART IS DEAD because if it would be so than the human race would be very poor at the moment and if you would be the ONE WHO HAS KILLED IT than you would fuck it up!

So blow up Milvus and be a man!!

andy said...

:) cool swearwords
Art is life because art is living forever, you cant get it, even not kill or catch it - you can just follow or be in front of...

Only an artist can cath the wave of art and ride it for some little period - the others are just people watching the surfers from the beach!

Anonymous said...

@ jamie
R U the cook Jamie Oliver or why are you using the link to his web-site if not???

@ milvus
Art = Life but Life will never be ART! - even than when you try to kill it!

@ andy
You watch to much bay-watch!!!
and "blow up" is not a swearword!
but to stay with your little pathetic comperations - ARTIST ARE MAKING THE WAVES AND NOT RIDING THEM - In the ocean of life there are big and small artist making big and little waves!!!
Capishe ;) and eat my shorts!

andy said...

"fuck it up" was the swearword but "blow up" could it bee too!

And anonymous You look to much TV 2 - I just say Simpsons!

If artist makes the wave than they would be god-like and artist are just humans riding on the waves of life or do you think a human can make a tzunami? Oh NO my friend but he can ride it!

Anonymous said...

You dont check it!

The magic in making comperations is that they dont have t be life-like or real.

Kandinski has made a big Tzunami!
Picasso has made all life long Tzunamis!
Michelangelo was like the meteorit that killed the dinos!
Cezanne has made Tzunamis

and andy

Andy Goldsworthy is making huge Tzunamis my friend!

andy said...

I get this!

But I do not have to agree - for me riding a wave is much more huge than making one. It is about the point of view...

We don`t look from the same beach at this topic. I am sorry that I don`t have more time - we should continued this conversation, but I have to go now and it would be great to now who is the man behing the iron mask (anonym-one)?

man in the iron mask said...

Like you say - the man in the iron mask ;)
thanx for the nickname, Andy Garcia!

We should continue our little conversation once more at least :)


andy said...

Andy Goldsworthy wold be better!
But Garcia is good too ;)

jamie said...

I am not the cook and I am not from London, but living at the mom there so to stay anonym I am using the name of my favotire TV-star Jamie Oliver :)

Dzenan said...

You guys gave me an idea about the next post that I will made this afternoon ;)

andrej said...


(anyone remembering the best band ever? :-)

Anonymous said...

I really like the drawings!

Damien Castel said...