Sunday, December 17, 2006

the shiftlessly petty lamb

Why I have changed my blog again? The reason could be too much for you..Maybe you should stop to read. Not only the blog has change, the matter will change drastically. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You don’t have to like me or my unuttered works, not to agree with my words, not to think like me - hmm, even if you were able to think like me?Maybe it is a blessing to not to think like I do!

Everything what was is past, the archive I will not delete, it has to stay as a caveat for me, the artist, the writer, the poem - you would say just a human, but I...I say the human! Enough postings about what was during the time
12pm - 14pm, enough postings about post depressive feelings, form and substance of void ness. I am an artist and so it have to be!

That is it. That is my prologue. Nothing in rhyme. No protestations of modesty. You were not expecting that, I hope.My name is Dzenan Sehic. Artist, sculptor, writer, poem, lover, human. And I do not want you to like me or my work or these words, my blog or everything I do, did or will do. Ladies and Gentleman I am so sorry, but I just don’t care.
One day, but not know - There I will go, shuffling from the world,... I will look upon a pinhead . . . and I will see angels dancing. Well? Do you like me now? Do you?

* for saying what I wanted to say I had, because of my insufficient in english language to use some parts of the great movie "The Libertine"


jamie said...

Hey dude,
1).I like the libertine and you know that.
2).Thanx for the little present - have you recieved my?
3).Now you start to think more professional and to act - welcome to my world my friend.

And dude I will need more drawings - send me an e-mail how many you could make before march?

jamie said...

Tanx for the mail - & U 2

Dzenan said... are welcome and yes a friend of mine (andrej) helped me a lot...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dz you have soooo many blogs it's difficult to comment them all. In fact i like to check "my life without girls" blog, to see if you added more girls. By the way Schnitte is upset again not to be in this blog anymore.
Is really your life still without girl?

And to answer to what you said in your post, i don't think like you (at all) most of the time, but it doesn't matter, how a bosnian artist could think the same way than a french girl with a stupid hat?

Dzenan said...

Hi Ace..
Okay - chronological:
1. I have actually only one blog - it is this one. The blog my life without girls is more a fun blog and I don t use it so often.
2. Schnitte – I am upset that she has bitten me when I tried to make a good photo, because like you can see on my blog I won t to put some crap! So if I don t have a good photo I will not post it!
3. “Is really your life still without girl?”- why?? I am also not asking you about your affairs with Mr. “he broke my heart again” – a little bit privacy please ;)
I think this were the answers for your questions… Have you ask yourself once why you like the blog “my life without girls”?

Damien Castel said...