Thursday, December 21, 2006

Work in progress

Work in elaborateness is a (the) new video from me with the working title “l`amore”. My work is always in progress and elaborateness, because I try to reach the level of the biggest artist in the world – like Andy Goldsworthy (Installation 2005)

You can see the video on by clicking here or in this post on YouTube.

“L`amore” the love (die Liebe, ljubav) is a work in progress. But what does it mean a work in progress? Like every video work that I upload to the net this one is also made in less good quality, without finish and only a sequence (sometimes with errors) from the original work –

It is something like the preview of a movie, a better sample. The massage I want to share with you is still there.

So what do I want to reveal?

Since I remember I was writing, drawing and making everything fascinating by the idea that everything has two sides of view - one dark and one light…read more by clicking here


Anonymous said...

I like Andy G.
Do you really think his works are in progress?
I mean they look more like little cycles of transition from one work to other in case of understanding his mentality and reproducing it to the real life!
And I could not really find the connection between your video and the “gestalt therapy”, but a little bit with the “Installation 2005” of Andy Goldsworthy.

Dzenan said...

Me too, that is why I ve put him on my blog..
Why anonymous? for a real and serious conversation it s a little bit stupid to ask something without showing you up? And yes I think that his works are works in progress and transition from one work to other is not really clear, because what king of transition you mean and actually transition is more a situation until some circles are close and not really an adequate word for describing a artwork. And about “Gestalt” – there is no connection between my video and “Gestalt” – It is just the way I try to loot at the world and like this to explain my videos.
Thanx for the comment

Andy said...

Hi..It s anonymous because my real name is Andy and Andy sounds like if I want to imitate Mr. Goldsworthy - especially on the net, but you are right. So I am Andy and because of privacy protection I want just to stay Andy. I have read more about your last post - You have updated it? Or didn’t I saw it before?
I have also visited the sites you have post / link on your "read more" link. And I like a lot Bill Viola and after reading a little bit more I started to understand in what a beautiful world you artist live.

Dzenan said...

Thanx Andy
I think that Andy is less stupid (also when you comment a post of Andy Goldsworthy) than just anonymous.
And Yes I have updated the last post with the site (by clicking on read more) - because like this you have always the psbl. to read a little bit and if you are interested in the topic you can read all - if not you just don t have to click on the "read more" link...