Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ancient gallery - first videos I ever did

the experimental video I just uploaded here or you can see it by clicking play below:

I want to say – crap does not exist – only the right and the wrong public.

Today in a unreasonable world we live, we suppose that we know what right is, what wrong, but think again and than take a look inside, in your own mirror, look at you, deep in your face and than tell me that you are completely sure without any doubt what is right? Do we live in a equity world? Justness and justice are not exactly the same like nemesis. So before you judge someone, think twice! In our world full of nemesis and "faith-waiting" people there will always be the right and the wrong public and ladies and gentleman we are free to speak and free to think and mostly free to act, but there will never bee the freedom to take back the words we said, the meanings we thought and the acts we did.
Do yourself a favor - think twice and that is what my experimental video is saying - many stories, many views, many tastes... but no way back!

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*the music in this Video is from the Artist Darko Rundek and I have use it only for this trayler - All rights reserved to the Artist. To download the trayler and to use the music is strictly forbidden! If using the video than only without music and the condition of the copyright license.


jamie said...

Hey dude...If you continued to post like this I think that your blog will become much more interesting and serious..
keep goin`

Dzenan said...

I hope I will ! ;)

Anonymous said...

Crap doesn't exist? Think twice? Are you not full of contradictions? Didin't you tell me many times that i had shitty tastes, that i made the wrong choices etc...
"Are you completely sure without any doubt what is right?" (your words)

Merry christmas too by the way!

Dzenan said...

Probably I was the wrong public for your taste when I told you this, and you see I can do now whatever I want but I cannot take it back..
I could say sorry or you could just accept that I am the wrong public and don t listen to me when I say that your taste is crap :)
But I think that you do not listen to me anyway ;)

Merry Xmas too and a great new happy funny year..ho ho ho

Anonymous said...


I realy like your work. You are so free in your creation. Most interesting was your videoart. I do a litle bit of videoart my self. I dont have Blog, but I am doing website soon. I will leave you here link, when I put it Online.

On some of the older comments I saw that you have another Blog "Life without girls" can you explaine what is it about? And link would be nice to :).

Keep up good work...

Damien Castel said...