Thursday, November 02, 2006

85s post - this is the end?

My eyes have seen you, with vine in da heands, with lemon inside, the fog hase come over me, the dark is outside, me..I am in! Is everybody else in? Is everybody in?!!!

Why should I ride the snake? Why should I believe that she is seven miles long, The 7th mile doesn’t even exist here in
Europe. ..but still

is this the end, beautiful friend?
is this the end, my only friend?
All peoples gone!
Am I the only one?
The one who says forever,
Will someone remember me...

Probably never! The desert in our mind is calling for freedom, is calling for freedom, is calling, is screaming, is such crying and the soul is dieing. Endless sleep will follow, before it happens we have to change the world. It is fucking easier than to change ourselves. The puppets in this world, this cold world, this world of ice, no we don’t need a new ice-age, we are already in! we are already in, we are... fuck we are such slaves and marionettes, work, pay the bills, eat, sleep, work, pay the bills, eat, sleep, and this until the end of time. So why should I ride the snake, why should I swim in the lake of hopeless death, like A creature, alive but unborn, shifting in a sea of amniotic fluid, surrounded by white, protective substance known as vernix caseosa or it could be the light of love? Could it be? Probably not for me.

This is the end
my slave and friend...
And than I put his boots on
I took a face from the ancient gallery
And than I walked on down the hall
I open the door and took out my bottle of Jaegermeister

And than I wrote this, I wrote just more, but I am still thinking that there is nobody reading this. So the mark on delet”ation” is on and without reasons why I should continued blogging the blog will be deleted on the 23rd December (at least).


Dr Jeckyl said...

Hello Dzenan, I love what you write, don't erase your blog please!

Mr Hyde said...

Nonsense! insipid, tasteless, wishy-washy, bland, conventional, dull, flat, insipid, tame, tasteless, vapid, Please stop it!!!

Dzenan said...

Is this my ego that speaks throw me? Should I suck it or just let it bee, or stop it? My skin s not red, but I could change it. Why not? Thank you Elisabeth for comment my blog.

jamie said...

Run with me, baby...
If you delete your blog I will have to read all your emails :( so don´t do this stupid move!

We loves you buddy, we loves you!!!

Dzenan said...

Love me two times, dude
One for tomorrow
One just for today
Love me two times slaves
I'm goin' away !

jamie said...

You would like, but you will stay forever in Avignon, with a girl from north LA FRANCE, 3 kids and a lot of love...
And dude, I love you (hih) Martin loves you, Lisa also and Myo - so itÅ› 4 times!!!

dzennan said...

Check out my new entry Ji :)