Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday morning blues

As sometimes in this very Sunday morning and I feel like John Cage and his Sunday morning blues and what do I do (the very first thing)? I do Internet, I do facebook (I will not write it with a BIG LETTER F), I do mail and than I do coffee (after that it’s like what everyone does - private jet, sex, some fancy food that looks good but taste -hmmm- let’s say less and so on)…
But before that - just in between the coffee and the other « normal » things to do - I get really pissed of about all the bad things happening in the world.

Things I will never understand (just few - the list would be never ending otherwise)


people kill each other, torture, abuse, lie to, are depressed, work to much, steal from each other and why there is so many news about it and not so much about good stuff happening right now??? …
and why do we put ourselves above all other creatures living on this so tiny small planet, since we (the human race) are actually the only one killing it or whatever we need to survive?

A German singer (Herbert Groenemeyer) said in one of his songs « the earth is friendly why we actually not? She is friendly and we are just not » 

And that is what I feel on this Sunday morning.

Sad to say it out loud or to write it down (even worse) - but who cares? If we do not change our way of going on very fast - very, very, very fast, we are going down. It is simple as that. And we are sinking - the earth, not a nation, not a religion, not a country, not a town, not a human, not you or you or you, but the planet (our tiny planet in this so unknown big universe and above).

Can we save the planet?
The planet gives a shit about it - she will make it - there will be other some beings - like before there where dinosaurs or gods or aliens, elfs, orgs or just the way of nature itself. But we (still human race) are replaceable…

Hoho I got far away whith this.
And why do I bother to write this down?
First of all it is cheaper to share it with people on the internet than to go and see a psy (in witch I believe as much as I believe in ferry-tales and michelin stars giving away to some « fancy » chefs by the way).

The second one is for the maybe eleven people reading this till the end - we might survive if we start changing - like one of my other favorite singer (passed away) mr. 2Pac Shakur said once in an interview - we have to change - the way we eat, the way we treat each other, the way we live…

And I think the best thing is to start with the eating things (no Monsanto, more vegan, more juice) 
And stop fucking hating each other - there is no point - NO NO NO POINT…
We need more Woodstock and less Vietnam (speaking about the same timeline).

With love, kiss and hug
your wizard of Avignon


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