Wednesday, April 06, 2016

importance of nothingness

Let's be truthful once in a while - like someone said on the blue site of internet :"I see so many clothes and not so many people"... There was once upon a time a man (a rich one) and he did not dressed up for a restaurant, so they did not sell him anything and he just said: "in this place, you are feeding clothes and not humans". Why do we do this to us??? What is the point? There are so many things in life not important at all - so please for your own sake stop carrying about it and just live your life. Starting by not killing each other over oil and milk for those out there pretending to be someone just because they wear fancy clothes. Once you get this idea that you are not
nor important you might get the chance to become your own legend at least in your own world and mind. That was deep ;) One of my own selfs should really sleep more.


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