Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The hot chocolate theory

File:Hot chocolate in Montsalvat , Melbourne.jpg
a photo from wikimedia (File:Hot chocolate in Montsalvat , Melbourne.jpg) 
photo credit goes to MACINATE who uploadet the photo on flickr under the title -
"Yumm - hot chocolate on a winter's day" (the links included will guide you to the source of the photo - with much more photos to admire and to the copyright holder of this one as well - thank you macinate for the stunning and beautiful photo I "borrow" for this post - and thanx also to "aki" for reminding me how creative commons and wikimedia and all the copyright jungle works)... 

Today it was rain, thunder, storm, lightening and it is so cold outside - the best way to handle this situation is to keep calm, to make you a hot chocolate, to take a great book or not (to write something, to draw, to paint, to think, to do nothing), to sit beside your window and to enjoy the theater of nature, if you can. But if you are stuck in a train, "hmmmm" you can still enjoy it and look at it that way - it is better to be on a train in this situation than in a airplane - at least less scary. I know what I am talking about...

I love storms (not the very serious once) but the small once - for me it could happens every Sunday afternoon, but probably not for anyone. But for hot chocolate there is no special time - it can happen every time if you want - for me it is my Wednesday hot chocolate time right now.

Cheers and happy enjoying.


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