Monday, October 26, 2015

legend in your own mind

Here I am in my studio, surrounded by paintings and artworks from the past (the quite new one and the very older one). The oldest object that passed by my hands was from the early 1500. But to stay honest the most objects are from the 18th, 19th century and from almost today. I do not count my objects (made by me) - but I dot count them quite as art as well. Than to rethink, I still have fun doing them.
So here I am in my studio and I look at all the paintings, all the hours the painter has spent to make them, all the work, all the time and guess what - they are sentimental - they are worth nothing , except for the owners they are quite something. That is the sad point of how we function and who tell us what is worth and what is not.
Give me any painting in the world and hide the signature - I will tell you, if it is a good work or not, if the painter know his doing or not, if it will last or not - in other words is it a good painting. I do not care for signatures, I do not care about some value any system in any time have made - for me what counts is the process of creation and how is it made - everything else are just stupid details in a stupid society we live in.

Here I was yesterday in front of my computer on a social network, surrounded by posts of things people do, say, think, like, photos and so on…

Maybe the tools have changed and the todays good selfies are the auto portraits from the past - it just took to much time before. But to be honest and to stay a legend in at least my own mind - today everybody can take a photo, but who cares - in the past only the great ones have made selfies and 500 years later we still remember them and even pay to go to see them in a museum.

So here I am in my studio surrounded by paintings and artworks from the past and I am happy.
Hope you can say the same thing I just did.

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