Wednesday, October 07, 2015

here we go again

Once upon a time you start something - do you carry it out until the end of time (your time)? This is a painting what you see up there - painted with oil colors on two separate wooden board (plank). Once upon a time I started to paint, to draw, to make something someone would call art (by it definition it might be), but there is art and there is so called art. In my case it started as a hobby, became professional for some times and today it is again just a hobby - so it makes more fun, since you do not must do it, so you do it quite more often and with pleasure and it is definitely not art.  
Once upon an other time I started this blog and few others like my so called "poetry" blog - and in my case it is not really poetry - just a bunch of words put together. So once upon that time I started a blog and for some time it was just fun. (Why I always want to write the word "just" like that - justE?) Than it become like something "must do" and so I stopped for a long time. Now when it is no more the "I have to blog, I must blog" it is become fun again. 
I am happy for the blogger out there taking this serious or making the living out of it - but it would not be something for me - I am old school and even if I do some Internet stuff I prefer my off-line life, my off-line job, my off-line family and my off-line friends - since the on-line ones become quite often a disappointment. Or I become one for them.

Not to go very much further, since I do not feel my legs any more because I am writing this on a trains water closet (toilette) - it is the only available outlet I could found. And it is time to work a little bit - there is so many things to do in the off-line world, like translating my "so called book" in German or English or both, since who want to read it in Bosnian language ;) - otherwise there is no guaranty that anyone want to read it in any other language - but who cares. And it was like with the  "art" - when the book become serious and people from a publishing house were recreating it and I had to rewrite it a dozen of time I quit, sold the rights, both them back a year later and finish it on my own, since it become a hobby again and it become fun. 

Cheers to all of you and happy Wednesday...

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