Monday, September 29, 2014

the Madiran effect

The Madiran wine is produced around the village of Madiran in Gascony (you know Gascony because the ugly poet with the big nose comes from there - Cyrano de Bergerac - also known under his real name and with a smaller nose Hercule-Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac - just "wikipedia" it)...

So what is the Madiran effect and why is it there?
It is hard to say it ;) but I have to say it (like Sting) it is probably me (to say it). 
In a strange country,
There is no labels to put on,
In an ordinary country,
it is not only me,
but I need someone to set me free,
like I want to be,
as jazzy and it makes no sense,
but I had to say it,
open mind and no defense,
but I have to say it,
it is just probably me 
and of course some of the Madiran effect and some Sting...

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