Monday, September 29, 2014

Me against the universe

Me against the world (2Pac song) - I did 2 posts on it... Me against the universe is something new. at the moment I am like a black hole (even if they say "today" black holes do not exist or something like that) - so I am like on of these fellows who travel around somewhere and suck everything in. Do not worry it is just a speech or a telling, what I mean is the news, the media, the Fbook, the real world and so on - I suck every information and I have the big problem that actually I can not do just listen (one ear in - the other out), my brain want to think about everything and that is quite boring and it takes me a lot of energy.
So there are few solutions - if we take out alcohols, drugs and whatever, there are just few left - meditation, sport, hmmm (who knows) and gardening.
so to beat the universe I do some meditation, some sport (not a lot - once a while), some gardening, some private stuff ;), some chatting with the people I know and some alcohol and it work sometimes.
In the end the universe is almost always the winner...So what to do?
Try to understand?
I just go with it and to lose against the universe it is not so bad, since in the real world of today I almost never lose ;)

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