Saturday, September 27, 2014

Got it

I am thinking of writing little bit more - let us say again. Since my first post on blogger there are few things that have change, or let us say quite a lot of things :
- I got weight (loose some and still loosing it)
- I lost some hair and still loosing it, but not to fast (at the moment)
- I write and speak much better English since than (the old times)
- I changed from PC to Mac
- I do less art, more businesses, less poetry, more gardening, less going out - more parenting - to cut it down I got married and "we" got pregnant...

do not worry at this point - I will not start a blog about parenting, kids and so on... It will remain the same I just hope and "pray" to have more time, the ambition to post more often again, since I actually like writing - even if there is nobody to read this stuff - but who knows, maybe in the future there will be the famous eleven - like the last time and on my TO DO LIST after work is written - PODCAST again and again and again...

So cheers
wizard of Avignon...

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