Friday, July 13, 2007

What we can and what they told us we can t...

Inspiration, coincidence, current, mimeographed!

Do you think you know?
Do you see, the deep suggestion of imortality between your eyes in the shadow of what you use to call life!

Love is here, is there is everywhere!

But let s turn the coin... ask yourself, always ask yourself - To be or not to be /translated in today/ - to want or to accept?

So what you see here on theese photos are just some materials I use to make my works... on the left you can see my "Pilz" work in progress in silicone and on the right you can see some wood - pieces that I ll use to build my sculptures and let me tell you few words...

My sons, boys and girls, my girls... There will always be people around you telling YOU what you can t do! But trust me they are cowards!!! I agree we are not the same and not everyone is an artist, but no-one trusted that van Gogh could be a painter - and look now!!! 71 million dollar for one painting 59x74cm...

Who cares what they say? They will maybe understand one day!!! But until, you are and you should be and even if the whole world says NO - you stay strong and you stay strong than your life is worth to fight!!!

Who cares what cowards think anyway!!!??
It s time to stand up for you - for what is right, because you must carrie on...Don t be afraid of what they say...Don t be afraid to becamo the new big great person the new Einstein, the new Leonardo,the new ME!!!



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andy said...

hej my little egomaniac... Einstein, Leonardo and You????

Still imagine to be Johnny Cash???