Saturday, July 14, 2007

So for the end of te day few words

Have you ever ask yourself how some works do look like for the artist who made his works??? And have you also ask yourself how do theeeese works looks like when you look it from the side - like on this photo down here - look the last sculpture and than look it on my blog from a frontal perspective... (by clicking here)

So, what do you think???
Maybe all of us artist kings have sawn the works difffferrrent than you do!!!??? Does this means that maybe we have more or less artist kings??? And Am I one of them???

P.S. - for the drawing I asked you to give me your ides - I have few and until now I have my favorite - but if you want to rewrite or to write new (see the drawing by clicking here) antd than write me - I am still waiting...

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