Thursday, February 19, 2015

the conception of "this is not art"

once you get familiar with any concept (logic or not) you start to use it once you get adjust to something and got to use to it it will become logic and anything else will disturb you but what is great about our tiny brains is that we get used to actually anything we just have to get any kind of confirmation for example i am writing this only with small letters and without any points breaks or other symbols we use in our writing language this is the same with art at some point everything is art it just have to be pronounced and to be accepted at least by one other person than the artist himself and there we go the stone is rollin but to be honest a lot of things out there are just the emperors clothes and my conception about this is not art is actually the same at the one from people claiming to do art so in the end everything is art and it is not at the same time 

To get to normal - 
The image you see my dear Julian (expression used in some Michelin kitchens between chefs as Gordon Ramsay or fuc*in Jamie Oliver - even if I have no proof of it)... so the image you see my dear Julian is just me, holding a masque made of wood, taking as photo by using the photo booth of my macbook, than adjusting the contrast in Photoshop, copying it, rotating making some more copy paste clicks and adding some render lens flare filters - adjusting everything on a black background and that is all - my personal 5 minutes mandala that can be printed on any object as paper, t-shirt, mug, bottle, flag and so on. Is this art? NO - this is the conception of me having 10 minutes off and since it rains I thought why do not do some "art" and write about it on blogger - I agree I could also go out and take some photos by flipping my camera in the rainy neighborhood and pretend to be a street photographer - nope I decide to be just a blogger and podcaster and sometimes even human.   
Have a nice day!      

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