Sunday, December 21, 2008

the old Banja Luka

this don`t exist any more... It is the view of a restaurant, where my father has work in 1969...
The old Banja Luka, the river Vrbas and the restaurant that do not exist any more!


Cinja said...

hey you!
heard you like maria mena. please check out my fansite dedicated to maria!
love, cinja

Dzenan said...

Hey hey,
Yes I like her music, but where you heard I like it???

I have checked out just now your fan-site (wow this is really a fan-site...) even on her blog/homepage you do not get all this informations, photos etc...and you did all of this since the 11th November this year... WOW, I am impressed.You must be her biggest fan.

Like I wrote I will dedicate a cycles of graphics to her music (not the person, but the artist) and to the inspiration I gain from listening her lyrics, but nothing further)...

So check it out when you like (from January the 1st...) on this blog.