Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just carrying on...happy 50st!

What makes me keep going on?

Today is a very gray day. Not black enough to grow a great depression, but not white nether to be sunny, happy, people shinning. It was just another gray day! But it is also somehow my 50st anniversary. Not my age, but my art-works-competition tryings...

Few seconds ago I got again a decline to a competition I try to participate, but it was not my first one, nether my second... no, it is since I make art-works my 50st one...

So, have I to ask myself if any of my art-works are actually worth anything? It is hard, is it worth to carry on? I am not afraid of what they say... one of us (me or them) will understand one day! All objectivities is gone, but still I am carrying on. And the truth is on witch site?

Finally who cares!!!
I am actually everywhere, probably not in the Guggenheim or "le Louvre", but still you can find me in many places! Probably nether on a juried competition art exhibition, but you can find me on the internet...

And I will carry on, because I know that I am right, even then when I am wrong ;)
But I know, and I knew it when I started all this, that what ever I want in my life, it won`t be the satisfaction of a suicide try, and the red patch (mark) from my head on a wall in a gallery, that I hit trying to kill myself, because then some critics could interpret this patch as an art-work and my suicide try as a performance and if I would have the luck to die in trying this it could be fatal and I could become really famous!!!

Sorry, but not like this and who actually want to become famous...? If I wanted to became I would have become a guitar player with a spot on MTV, with some money for nothing and some chicks for free ;)

So for now on, I will carry on and finish this gray day with some color. Maybe green!
Yeah, green is good...for my 50st! That`s the way I do it!

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