Friday, November 14, 2008

Something to read about it

Hi Volks,

Today I found something on the Internet (actually it is an article about a friend of mine and a good performance artist - Ervin Babić) - It is in Bosnian language (Serbo-Croat) and you can find it by following this link -

In this article the writer (author) Suzana Marjanić from the Croatian papers "Zarez" has interviewed Ervin and in one of her questions she is quoting from one of my articles from this blog ( Like the most reporters do, she took a little part from a large text, embroider and interpret it to pose one of her questions to my friend. Even if I think that the interview and the article has been quite well written (done), there are still few things I personally learned from it.

First of all - Yes there are people reading our blogs, and some may cited and invoke some parts, but it is just sad that we do have to explain how we grow and evolute with the time, with every entry, with every post a little bit more an yes during this process we change our perspective, sometimes even our beliefs... The more we know, the more we realized our "unknowingness" and our unawareness.

For my part I am thankful to the reporter Suzana Marjanić reading my blog, even when it was probably just for this time, because she did her homework preparing for the interview, but also for showing me that I actually do have to re-explain myself sometimes again and to not to write anything in my blog!

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