Friday, October 31, 2008


Halo to everyone,

I am working since few years with some friends of mine (Mr.Branka Turkić and Mr.Maja Zmukić) in cooperation with a woman named Kathi Stockinger with children. We call ourselves "Atelier Sarajevo". Few days ago I found out that Kathi has won a big prise by mobilcom Austria for a project of Atelier Sarajevo ( - so actually we have won it all, but it is like always interesting that she has taken the price (we know now that she works for inos (Initiative Osteuropa)) from Kofi Annan and Boris Nemsić and there was NO mention of our names (Dzenan Šehić, Branka Turkić and Maja Zmukić) - not even few little words that we have actually made this project (Coloure talks)...

I wrote about it already on my blog - click here to see the page!

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