Monday, September 22, 2008


Halo people, I would like to present to you a great project we are working on it! When I say we I mean a great team of people (Dzenan Šehić, Branka Turkić and Maja Zmukić in cooperation with 3 other friends : Edin, Emir and Selma).
Today we started a new workshop (a little bit chaotic) but it is okey! The name is "COLOUR TALKS" - I know it is nor written right but it is great.

We started few years ago with a project (Idea by the ZOOM Kindermuseum in Vienna) - it was called the "CITY BOX" and it was great. Since then we have made few great projects with building Aliens, making masques, creating a water world and who knows what will follow.

This time the children will work with colors - every child will be one color and they will have to learn to work together to create a great painting! Branka Turkic and Maja Zmukic has this great idea, and I have upgraded it and translated it to German language, so that our friends from Austria can find some sponsors. Actually for this project we do not need any sponsors, because the idea is simple, cheap and great, but our Austrian friends have found a good sponsor, so that every child will have a T-Shirt in his color - that is quite good.

I am happy to be a part second coordinator and founder of it and we will keep going!

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