Thursday, May 15, 2008

Somethings gonna change...

A1 format - dry pastel

...a lot of happy, positive things happend around us and we take care to ignore them...My message to you people out there; stop ignoring the life!

So many things gonna change around you... Don t become the adults you hated in your school, on your job, in your life...
Don t, DON T, Don t???

I close my heart from lies...
the myself "he" stop denies, stop walking around
like a faithfully, death clown,
the road is open, the way is in front of me,
just the wind, some mistakes I ve made,
and you somewhere around,
I am not any more the purple, water-groundhog...
never again,
just you, my only one and me,
no-one else, no-one more around...
we fly so high, but I still see the ground.
I open my eyes one time again,
what I see is the thing that will makes you blind.

You do not need to understand - just feel the change, look around you, what do you see???

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