Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No one gives a f*ck about the values

This post I will start with a lyric from the song "Tell the king" from the group "The Libertines"...

I've got a little secret for ya

Even now there's something
To be proud about
You come up the hard way
And they'll remind you every day
You're nothing

...Do we live in a world blindet by the freedom of speech above the freedom of the other human rights!!! In the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) you can read all the 30 articles...

something like 2 x A4 , dry pastel on black paper

This painting I have made in memory of all broken dreams, of all destroyed hopes... No man, neather woman, no-one should have the right to critized or mentally punish other people, because they just do not know something, without the tension to show them how to do it right, to help them, to motivate them and to gratulate them after they have try it, even if they did not sucseed.

Hope dies last, but it dies, too...

We need an article No. 31, where people are free to speak, to say what they think, but espetially if they are in a position with authority above the other people, they should not have the right to destroy the hopes, dreams, the moral or the people mentally itself...

The name of this painting should be "memory of our values"

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