Thursday, December 20, 2007


Actually Class of 2002 but somewhere it is also 2007

near Avignon - 2005

For my friends from Avignon who become adults this year and for Antonio who will become one next year with me! We both hope (hehehe)

For: Emillie-san – sorry I didn’t had any good photos (here with me of you), Anjes trop timide of course ☺, Camille the voodoo bubble girl, Laure – I heard you passed like Jessie James would do-hehehe, Christelle actually Christal like the Champagne, Gwenola with some help of the Godzilla, Prune and the fragile tempera work, Solenne – hope I wrote you name right! And Pascaline Marx, Marry Poplins or just Pascalinchen hihih…
FELICITATION MES AMIES!!! Et bonne chance dans la vraie vie! Le vrai cabaret, amuse-vous et a bientôt. Bizou
Dzenanito l’étudiant et l’étranger and who know what else.
Cheers and enjoy the text inspired by Yann Tiersen…

and just those few words in English to match the photo (click to enlarge the photo)…

Finally you get it!
Today is the day when some friends of mine become adults in the real adult world, I mean they get the paper, so from now on they can do so many professional stuff they couldn’t do yesterday or this morning. Or even few hours ago they couldn’t do it, but since today (when you read this it may be yesterday or last week or some other past from now on…) around 17:30h they can. It is very cool, and I mean it when I say cool, because this stupid word catch really the situation of the meaningless world we are living in!
It is like a diploma in art for example – you have your diploma, than you can make art, you have it not – you are just an amateur who can draw but this is not art – GOD HELPS – keep him away!!!
So my friends have pass their diplomas and now the are and nobody can say that they are not!

It is hard but you should now it is worth to fight, because we have the truth on our side, when the time is right…don’t be afraid of them, who cares what cowards think anyway, probably they will never understand!

And in the end, because even a baby will eventually have its end someday (better later when the baby has its own babies and grand-babies…) then we will look everything in our lives with the eyes from a death man! Someday when all the subjectivity will be gone we will see the life and its beauty, we will see us and the time we lost trying to live longer or better, not really trying to “just” life, so who cares?

I am sorry to say but we cares!

It is hard but you should now it is worth to fight for the life!!! Because we have the only truth on our side, when the time is right, when the end is near…don’t be afraid of it, don’t of them, who cares what cowards think anyway, probably they will never understand, maybe not even in the end, but you know…

The life itself is worth to live!

Some of my friends have become real adults, not like me, the student adult, I can buy bear anywhere, but still I do not have to pay taxes – this still do my parents for me, but once I have the paper I will change – just like a KLICK, not the click that still remains in the fields where van Gogh decided with a gun in his hands to stop painting before the click becomes a BANG! But it is still a KLICK, a moment just a second or even little more when the jury decide that from now on you are, before you were not!

It is hard but more than once you now it is worth to fight, it is always worth to fight for what is right, because we have the truth on our side, when the time is there, when anyone is gone, when nobody is nowhere…don’t be afraid what comes, who cares what cowards thought anyway, probably they had never understand…

I just want to say to the friends of mine…

Whatever comes, YOU my friends have always be the people YOU ARE NOW, maybe just with a little bit more knowledge, or some more know-how, but still you will remain who you are and who you should be, and that you made it to be my friend…
This should remains in your CV, too…
A good person, and so more!

But one is left…one stays to make the paper with me and for you my friend here some lines just few more:

It is hard when you are here all alone…by yourself and every one else is gone… They are now home, when all subjectivity’s gone…and what do you do?
You still carry on…You are the only one left and you have to clean up this mess, this final left, but you stay and you carry on and the life’s going on, and we go within…

Approximately in not even seven months I will have to change and to become an adult in the real adults world and to get my paper (I hope so), so YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE – welcome, join me in the fight to live the life, even with this paper I will remain the same man, the same boy (once a baby), the same person and (like a friend say) not death yet, but working on it!!! So have to take it as it comes and to deal with it and to fight and to win… Once we all are the champions, it just depend in what a team we are playing!

Le cabaret de la vie est ouvert, approches-vous!!!
et rapellez-vous - BILAN 2006


petra said...

Your blog is awesome - and don't you worry: some people never become adult, so keep your inner child and listen to it from time to time ...

Es war schön, Dich getroffen zu haben. Besonders Dein Sprachwitz hat mir Spaß gemacht.

Schöne Feiertage und beste Wünsche für das Neue Jahr!

CresceNet said...

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