Sunday, June 10, 2007

...bisogna morire

There has to bee always two news!!!

One good and one bad, so the very, very nice and great news is that one of my closest friends get married, so I want to use this opinion to congratulate them. She is very, very talent and a great person and she speaks very well Italian and so I will use a “sonata” from Stefano Lundi: “Homo Fugit Velut Umbra” to speak about my performance I did before I actually heard the bad news…

O come t’inganni
se pensi che gl’anni
non hann’da finire,
bisogna morire.

The first photo shows you me (the artist) pointing to the sky, the heaven, the paradise… Does it exist? I don’t know. But what I do know is that he is not longer under us!!!

E’un sogno la vita
che par si gradita,
è breve il gioire,
bisogna morire.
Non val medicina,
non giova la
non si può guarire,

bisogna morire.

So the best I can do is to forget it (him) and to go away! OR??? DO I?? CAN I???

La Morte crudele
a tutti è infedele,
ogn’uno svergogna,

morire bisogna.
E’ pur ò pazzia
o gran frenesia,
par dirsi menzogna,
morire bisogna.

But how cruel, how deep or how emotional can we be in our arrogant world? I am sure there will be soo many “Fish-isme” that explains you such arrogant place, so could sleep well.., but sorry Mr. President I can’t…

I Giovanni, i putti
e gl’Huomini tutti
s’hann’a incenerire,

bisogna morire.
I sani, gl’infermi,
i bravi, gl’inermi,
tutt’hann’a finire
bisogna morire.
E quando che meno
ti pensi, nel seno
ti vien a finire,
bisogna morire.
Se tu non vi pensi
hai persi li sensi,
sei morto e puoi dire :
bisogna morire.

The second (bad) news was that my dog Bobby (Bobi) is death and he had to die… He was not to old, he was not ill, he just was not made for this world… he was a dangerous creature in our such peaceful world, so he just has to disappear.. What we did in our so peaceful world – we killed himmmmmm!!!!

The third photo after going away shows me on the same place – the heaven we choose to be ours… in a pose of J.Ch. I show you the paradise, to just walk away again after all.

Do we really deserve to go to heaven after all?


jamie said...

What are te maps, dude?

andy said...

the maps should be the place where he were going, I guess!