Sunday, August 07, 2016

concept of normal

Two hands, ten fingers, one mind, one soul, intention and time. That's all needed to do everything. Playing a guitar instead of a gun, painting instead of burning paintings, creating instead of destroying. I restore and make all day long paintings - some of them are religious. I do not know about any god. I like the idea of nature and I think that we take us to important in this whole yet unexplored universe. What if one day a gray little man in a spaceship comes over and tell us that god is gray and have seven eyes and do not really gives us a choice - get along or die (something we from the old continent did to so many nations like the native Americans for example). I really do not get the point of burning a painting because it do not fit in your tiny mind perspective. And I will never get the point of killing people for any cause, any idea, any what so ever. And to be clear - do not judge people by their outfits - I have my beard because in a esthetic way I like it - the thing over my head and my neck is because I wear a protection mask all day long, so it is much easier and more comfortable to wear it with some tissue between the mask and my head - no statement here (I even have some pink and blue tissue). And I refuse meat if I have not hunted it myself with my ten fingers...     

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