Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ambassadors lounge

It is almost 7 AM - boarding time, fist class, place number 3 at the flight to the beautiful city of Vienna. Today you do not have quite much companies that are not in some alliance with some others. So my Lufthansa was actually a Tyrolean flight, the stuff beautiful as always  and the uniforms as usual not fit to the stuff, so it looked quite disturbing. But who cares, we spend some hours together and that is all.
Normally I do not fly first class nor with the ambassadors badge but this time I do. So at 7:30AM the fly begins, breakfast for the first class - salad with eggs and corn. Second class - just a small cake that actually looked better than my fancy salad and who actually eats salad for breakfast? And than they brought me some bubble water also called champagne but at almost 8AM ??? We were 3 people in the first class and I was the only one not drinking my bubbles - okay maybe the other two started the day like 5-6 hours before me, I was to shy to ask.

Ambassadors lounge - it is actually a dark and at the same time shiny bar with great chairs and strange decoration. I took a pastiche tea - what a mistake - the last time I tried in some airport bar a tomato orange juice with campari (that was just scary).

So I write this since I have to kill 3 hours and here I have free wifi so I bother my friend on Fb and per mail and you guys the few who bother to read my blog. Maybe one day I will write again smart stuff but at the moment I got to the age where I start to go back and become a child again. So what I will do next is dancing in this ambassadors lounge listening to the song happy from Pharrell Williams and it will be funny to sea the reaction of the seniors around me - who knows maybe they will try to trow me out, but there is not one NO DANCING sign... We will see,
greeting from Vienna

your Wiz of AV

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