Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still - life 1

In French it is called "nature mort" (dead nature) - the still-life is just an other term for it. Here is my own conceptual work about the REAL dead nature and what we can do with time and biology!

It is amazing what the nature is capable of. Take few minutes and take a good look at this little thing I took with my Nikon - what do you think this is? During the next few weeks I will show you few other examples of "death nature" - literally what I did was experimenting with the rooting and drying methods of sliced fruits and vegetables, their transformation in the complete dark or in a sunny place, there changes in cold environment or hot environment and the big challenge now is how to stop the process and to preserve it for the future without using additives that will change the aspect of the object and without storing it in a box? 
If you have some ideas or experiments on this subject please contact me on
Enjoy and cheers
your wizard of avignon!  

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