Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Money art

Why making art when you can make money?
since I am an artist I struggle...
To become an artist
or a millionaire?

Can you have both? Probably not.
If I will make money, I could buy a house too,
a big, fat hair maybe, new gold teethes.
Than I will have more money than I know how to use,
but I can not make art in a golden room!

If I become an artist, I will make art,
not in a house but in a public garden,
without a car, nor bicycle even, not hair or golden teethes,
but I will feel better with nothing left to lose.

Why making money when you can make art?
since I made some money I struggle...
to continue or to be an artist again!

Dear my unknown friend, money is not everything - yes we do need it, but not really.You might think I'm crazy, you might think I'm strange but this is how it is - look around you! Where are those millionaires from the XVI century? The real thing money is not! One day I will start making art again, but this text is a tribute to the "Blues brothers" - and their song "Can't Play The Blues In An Airconditioned Room"...
the wizard of Avignon back on trail!

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