Wednesday, October 07, 2009

promises and new clothes for the new emperor

Material : Stone and a big piece of wood
Title: the St.Stone
Price: Priceless (sold)

... it was just 4 cm deep, the brand new wound in my forefinger, the veins were not cut, just one, the nerves were intact, the hand swollen, blue, black and somewhere a little bit yellow. It works still just fine. The half liter blood I`ve lost have been regenerated by my body, my heart, but not my soul.

the show can go on, and the show will go on - no matter what!
For some artist the show starts after they are gone!
For other it never begins!
Do I actually care?

Not really... it is fun, and we are the show...
what will stay are some fleas promises and brand new clothes for the emperor.

It has hurt, to make this sculpture, but the spirit demands sometimes more than the body want to pay - temperature, new swollen hand, no movement with the left hand, but the show will go on,
the body will heal and new promises will be made!

and tomorrow they will maybe take out the strings and the hand will heal again!

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