Thursday, June 04, 2009


Hi... I made long time ago (in cooperation with a friend of mine - Arnela Mujkanovic - maybe Kulasic, very soon) 2 paintings for the catholic church - to see the image where it is now click here ....
It is funny but hurts sometimes that you make something and than you found it on interent without any mention of your name :(

The site is here

It is also strange to try to google yourself - because I for example have found an article where a woman (the writer) use some of my words from my blog for the interview with a performance artist and friend of me Ervin Babic - to see the article in bosnian/croatian language - click here
By the way this writer was a pro because she has mention my name and my blog :)

I mean if anyone use anything from my blog or post any photos of my artworks should mantion my blog, my name etc!!!!
It sucks...



andre said...

Maybe it's just missing knowledge? It's not necessarily intentional to not mention the artist's name, sometimes you just don't know... :-)

Dzenan said...

I would agree if the photo of the artwork wasn t taken by myself and had been posted on to my blog where they have actually took it ;), but you are right- not always!!!!