Thursday, April 23, 2009

Into the wild - the story of Alex Supertramp aka Christopher McCandless

The cycles - "Into the wild"

So, here are all the graphics together in my own order (even if some of the events (from the movie) has not happened in this order. When I first saw the movie it was (for me) a very impressive one, and when I actually realized that it was based on a true story I had to find out more. So like everyone I started with the world wide web / internet. After few weeks of reading diferent blogs, critics, movie reviews and so on I had enough information about this very sad, but still great and inspiring story to start my own cycles about it. I have used photos I found on internet and that I found interesting from the movie, but also some shots from the real Christopher McCandless.

A very inspiring text about the story into the wild was written by Jon Krakauer in his article "Death of an Innocent"
How Christopher McCandless lost his way in the wilds

You may want to read the original article from Mr. Krakauer - so here is the link - click here .

Greetings to all of You!
Dzenan Sehic


Disaster said...

yes, for me the same.. after i watch the movie and realize that - it is besed on true story, i wanted to know more about Kris and his trip. i did read a book too, :]

and your drawings is really great ;]

Dzenan said...

Thank you for the compliment... You read a book or the 10 sites article about it???