Thursday, January 10, 2008

For the moment

my homepage for the moment
just click the link

here also the url :

or you can also find it in the sidebar on the right side!

For the moment I use this site like my homepage (in bosnian for now on) but there are so many photos of my work, that you donot need to read the text - it also exist the ENGLISH and GERMAN just have to close the PR when you enter my site...

enjoy 'n' cheers


Anonymous said...

does work fine???

I like your works - keep going!!!

Dzenan said...

I do not have it very long, but for now I am very happy...

And thank you.

Anonymous said...

i need to talk to you... you remember frankfort haubahnhof..2 guys ,you draw said i will find the work here but i didnt do it¿ mi mail:

Dzenan said...

I emailed you,
I also emailed you when you asked me to contact you the last time, but you didnot said what it was...

I explained you in the little email I have sent.

If you have any questions email me.