Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Retrospektiva - we have come a long way, baby

we are not the one to blame...

Bronze, iron, metal, kaolin, stone and much more…but all the materials are there to be used!

Than during the academy of fine arts, like the most people there - I came, I saw and I passed trough in the end ☺ and finished the academy in December 2006, or was it 2005…

hmm not really, it was 2006.

Here are some photos of some works. If I ever finish my website than much more old works will be there, and this here are only the sculptures…

1997 - 1998

When ideas and realizations comes together we an speak about art! Is the realization better than the ideas we speak about taste, but the whole art-world lies in the eyes of the spectators.

During the last 19 months I discovered what we could do or not do with our blogs. I manage it to transfer my blog from a private diary about whatever a Dzenan is doing to a work diary about Art.

…but probably it wouldn’t hurt to take you in the past to show you how does it all starts… maybe not at the very beginning but let us have a trip at my first work that looks like something… The year is 1998-99, my works in kaolin…Today they don’t exist any more, but this was the destiny of many works I did in the past.

Some in the other hand are still alive!

And during the whole years I have realized that we have a long way together…

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