Thursday, September 13, 2007

Form an her former

...and here the story beginnnnnnnnn(s)...
- 3 experimental sculptures, the small one is around 15cm long, the second 25-30 and the last one over 45cm...the material I used is gips and the patina is a fire-made patina where the pigments were burned in fire for over 20 minutes - this patina makes the gips very unstable, it takes the "kristal-water" from him , so he become less strong and sometimes he breaks (like on the last photo). Still I like these kind of sculptures and experiments - next step is to build a protection box (like a little vitrin) for the sculptures.

From the first fort to final patina - the fire-made patina is the last one (right)...detailspatina and the form broken because of fire-made patina for the last accent (right)