Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are we really afraid of hard work???

Yesterday at the post office here in Sarajevo the woman (small, but overweight smiling at me) told me that I can t use one envelope more than once - ...»but this envelop is used already!», she said.

Once few month ago I send this letter to my friend in Tokyo from Avignon/France and she send it just back to me, but this time to Sarajevo. Like you can see on the photo this letter traveled few thousand kilometers in the same envelope.

How can an envelope bee used?

I should have the right to send how many time I want one envelope if I buy stamps and pay for it??? Or not?

On the last 2 photos you cans see the letter with a new (Bosnian) stamp. I just post it today to the letterbox in front of the same post office they told me the envelope was used! The destination is again Tokyo and from there the envelope will go to France (if it ever arrives there) and from there to Germany

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And let me tell you one little fact; Just look around you…do the planet need us or do we need the planet – every little envelope is made by paper, every letter travels and it need trains, airplanes and cars to bring it to the destination, even the internet needs energy – just look around, take a glass of water and take a deep breath and feel the moment when you don’t have any allergy – because in the future maybe everything will change

The sun too strong
The air too populate
The water too dirty

We have come a long way and the road is almost finished, before it s too late asks yourself, what can you do?

Dear all the Mr. Presidents – take a walk with us?