Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Residence in Avignon

Word verificationtoday is "ffmgla"

My new resience should look like this (But in 2 weeks we will know it better ;)

You can also find some Infos on Sun Valley
but in franch language. And I have never live in this part of the town. So the journey starts slowely. The count-down beginns...11...


Anonymous said...

Ja sam zivio tu i bilo je fino

Martin said...

its fuckin sun valley, there my love, sanna was living. we met there, made love, were in love, fell in love. its a fuckin love-house. you will like it!

u gonna live there, i mean for sure, ganz bestimmt???
...is doch sau teuer und nich so gemütlich und so. ich kann immer noch den geruch in meiner nase nachfühlen. oh gott ich werde ganz, ja völlig sentimental.

Elisabeth said...

I know Sun Valley very well too, but i didn't fell in love there... That's where i did the "housework job" during the festival. I cleaned half of the building. And maybe i'll do it again once a week this year. Nice place but maybe a little noisy. The rooms are small but quite comfortable. Which one have you got?

jamie said...

hej dude... cute your flat. my first 19m(k2) Londoner counter was somethg. like yours new..